Gay Family Pictures

This is a 1951 picture of John Green Gay and his grandchildren at Virginia Beach. It was a summer tradition for his daughters and their children to visit for several weeks. During these visits, a day trip to Virginia Beach was usually taken. John Green Gay was a man's man who had great love for his family.

This 1964 picture shows most of the Gay Family. John Green Gay is seated in a chair second from the end on the right. He is holding his great grandson John Gay Burgess. His living brothers and sisters and their spouses are seated to his left. Most of their descendents are pictured.

A very young John Green Gay (perhaps 16).

Green Frederick Gay photo of large photo hung over the mantle in the Gay room of Yellow House. He was John Green Gay's father. According to his grandson William Bruce Jones, writing in 1981, his "Grandaddy" went west at age 21 (1871). He prospected for gold in the Colorado territory. Green Frederick apparently had a near fatal illness and returned home after 10 years.

A colorized photo of Anna Frances White which John Green Gay kept on his bedroom dresser. Anna was the mother to John and his 8 siblings. She was eventually grandmother to 37. She married Green Frederick Gay on the 14th of September, 1882.

Anna White Gay photo of large photo hung in the Gay room of Yellow House.
Six of the children of Green Frederick Gay and Anna Frances White. From left to right Laura, Alvin, Sam, John, Paul and Fannie. Photographed at Yellow House c1950.
Home of Green Frederick Gay and Anna Frances White in Pleasant Grove NC. Photographed in Janurary 1920.
Above are James White and Dorothy Frances Buxton White who were the parents of Anna Frances Gay and were John Gay's grandparents. James was born in 1823 in Norfolk VA. Dorothy was born in 1833 in Seaboard, Northampton, NC. James and Dorothy were cousins who were married in 1848. These photos were probably taken circa 1860 and recently colorized. Thanks to James Buxton White, Jr, for finding this site and sending the missing James White photo.
Adelia Frances Stancell Gay was the mother of Green Federick Gay and grandmother of John Gay. She was born in 1830 at Jackson, Northampton, NC. She married Jeremiah Carter Gay in 1849 at Jackson, Northampton, NC. She died in 1900 at age 70. This photo was probably taken circa 1870.
A photograph of Jeremiah Carter Gay hung over the mantle in the Dinning room of Yellow House. He was Green Frederick Gay's father and John Green Gay's grandfather. He was born on December 19th, 1828 and was the grandson of Jonathan Gay.

John Green Gay burial marker in Chester Va.
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